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Here’s What They’re Saying About Maria Sangiolo

“A knockout new voice emerges among Boston singer-songwriters.”
– The Boston Globe

“A born singer”
– Dan Gewertz, The Boston Herald

“… touching lyrics and understated melodies are delivered with poise and grace.”
– George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune

“The Scrooge in me is melted by Fairy Moon, and yes, I hear pure vocals, songs that touch the heart and solid production values. Before the door closes, I believe! I believe!”
– John Wood, NAPPA reviewer

“Maria Sangiolo, a melodic folksinger with a mother’s warmth, brings a gentle mood of dream-time fantasy to original and traditional folk-style songs … Accomplished musicians, including Sangiolo, provide evocative accompaniment on acoustic guitar, mandolin, harp, fiddle, and other instruments.”
– Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice reviewer

“With a voice that evokes fairy rings, butterflies, and fireflies on a summer night, Sangiolo will set little feet tapping … this album belongs in all children’s music collections.”
– School Library Journal

“These 21 songs are a mix of originals by singer Maria Sangiolo, traditional tunes, poems set to music, and flute and harp interludes. Sangiolo’s strong singing voice complements the varied arrangements, from folk to jazz.”

“A singer with a highly revealing style of songwriting and an arresting voice.”
The Patriot Ledger

“She sang like an angel.”
Columbus Dispatch

” … a woman of talent … check her out before her tickets are out of reach and her venues are standing room only.”
Pasadena Weekly

“Sangiolo’s voice sends shivers. Sweet and unforced, it delivers personal songs that ever-so-gently touch the heart.”
Victory Review

“Accompanying her crystal clear, Baez-esque soprano vocals on acoustic guitar, Maria Sangiolo was one of the most promising young performers in Boston during the early 1990s. Her 1993 album, Eyes of the Heart, reached the Adult Trendsetter Radio Top Ten compiled by the Austin-based Maverick Report. Since marrying, moving to Connecticut, and settling down to raise a family, Sangiolo’s focus has been elsewhere. The first two albums of this new phase of her career, Hello Moon in 200 and Fairy Moon: Songs of the Ring in 2004, inspired by Sangiolo’s daughters, are must-be-experienced additions to the canon of family music.”
Dirty Linen

“Selections on Fairy Moon exercise a child’s imagination amid all the wonders a garden can offer … – Listening is suitable for quiet and fun moments with little ones through preschool.”
Sing Out!

“Her voice (as chillingly clear as a March river and capable of virtuosic trembles) and lyrics (introspective but never Natalie Merchant-sappy) overpower the listener by strength of conviction alone.”
New Times (Kansas City)

“Her music holds the thoughtfulness of a Tish Hinojosa and the depth of a Patty Larkin.”
Rona Edwards, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“From out of the pack of young songwriters from the Boston area, comes Maria Sangiolo, a first class young songwriter and singer who has the ability to look deep within herself and others for her lyrical inspiration.”
Dick Pleasants, WGBH/WUMB Radio, Boston

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Press Quotes about Maria Sangiolo