Songs of the Wood

Maria Sangiolo sings with passion and grace, playing her acoustic guitar with sparse production values, she moves the listener to the depths of joy and sorrow. These songs are from Maria’s Artist in Residency at the Connecticut Audubon’s Trail Wood Sanctuary in Hampton, CT in the summer of 2017.

Songs of the WoodPlease note that CD Baby, who handles my CD orders, has temporarily stopped filling orders of both CDs and downloads due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can still however purchase downloads on Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify. Follow links below for downloads.

iTunes Music

You can purchase the following CDs directly from me by sending me an email request:

  • Maria and Friends – Planting Seeds
  • Hello Moon
  • Under the Mystic Sea
  • Follow Your Own Road
  • Eyes of the Heart

Download Cards of Fairy Moon – Songs of the Ring and Songs of the Wood are also available from me directly.


  • Planting Seeds – Parent’s Choice Gold Award
  • Under the Mystic Sea – Children’s Music Web Award
  • Fairy Moon – Parent’s Choice Silver Award
  • Hello Moon – NAPPA Gold Award