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New Program!

Maria Sangiolo - Growing Green!

Maria Sangiolo is growing greener. This new program features songs from her soon to be released CD for families: Maria and Friends - Planting Seeds. Combining her two passions, music and gardening, this new project promotes agriculture and sustainability to children and their families. Maria's great-grandmother was a farmer at the turn of the 20th century. Her farmer's wage sent 5 boys to the UMass College of Agriculture and MIT and her only daughter was Maria's grandmother. Maria's singing has lead her right back to where her family began: on the farm!

Without being preachy, Sangiolo makes the world of dirt and vegetables and farm animals fun and singable for kids. Songs of Compost Heaps, Picking Strawberries, Eggs, Milk and Butter, Bill Grogan's Goat, Dancing to Swinging Peas, Maple Syrup flowing from the maple trees, Baa Baa Bamba with sheep and rhyming with Garden Slugs all make for a fun way to learn about agriculture, eating well, and playing outside when statistics show kids are spending too much time in front of computers and video screens. Concert and craft planting actual seeds in small pots are included in this new program. Program length one hour.

Fairy Houses- Fairy Moon:
Featuring songs from Maria Sangiolos’ award-winning CD Fairy Moon – Songs of the Ring, this program combines literacy, music and creativity. It is designed for preschoolers and school age children (up to age 12) and includes a reading of the story Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane, a hands-on demonstration of how to build a fairy house out of things found in nature and a concert of songs from Maria Sangiolos’ latest family CD, Fairy Moon – Songs of the Ring.

Venue or audience must supply building materials: pinecones, bark, sticks, stones, leaves, grasses, pine needles, seashells, sand, dead dried flowers, small shoebox or small cardboard box.
Note: no living or artificial materials. 60 minutes in length. (For small and large audiences, this program has worked at schools, libraries museums and nature centers.) Concert only: 45 – 50 minutes. Concert, Storytelling and house building: One hour and 30 minutes.

Under the Mystic Sea:
Featuring songs from Maria Sangiolos’ award-winning CD Under the Mystic Sea, Maria sings the blues for sharks, swings with penguins, rocks out with mermaids and gently teaches kids to respect themselves, our planet and the creatures of the sea. Using puppets such as penguins, dolphins, sea turtles and polar bears, Sangiolo engages children in the stories and makes them come to life! Great for school assemblies; incorporates science standards and ocean learning and encourages ocean-friendly living for all. (For small and large audiences) Concert: 45 – 50 minutes.

School Assemblies/Story Hours:
Children’s Performer Maria Sangiolo presents concerts for pre-schoolers and evening music programs for school age children. Her fun concerts include traditional and original upbeat songs from her three family CDs, Hello Moon, Fairy Moon and Under the Mystic Sea, that engage the listener and elicit participation from adults and children. Sangiolo entertains audiences with her pure vocals and acoustic guitar and brings along an assortment of easy to play percussion instruments for the children. Concerts are 30 - 45 minutes in length.

Songwriting Workshops:
Maria Sangiolo is available for Songwriting Workshops for teenagers interested in learning simple guitar chords and the key elements of writing a good song. She will talk about the use of free-writing, journaling and crafting ideas for songwriting. Discussion will last one hour and during second hour, participants can begin to compose their own lyrics and create songs. Table, easel or chalkboard and chairs needed. Two hour program.

Coffeehouse/Community Concerts:
Folksinger/songwriter Maria Sangiolo is available for evening concerts for adults. Drawing from her six recordings of original and contemporary material, Sangiolo delivers an entertaining evening of music and stories that will engage and delight the whole community. Concerts are 2 – 45 minute sets, with a break in between.


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