Hello friends, I hope that you are well and staying strong during this difficult time in our country’s history. I returned from a second local protest today for Black Lives Matter in my community. I am saddened by all the lives lost at the hands of police brutality and I am saddened by our current […]

Welcome to the all-new Maria Sangiolo website!  We have collected historic photos, reviews, videos and a new blog for news and posts about my prose, song writing and nature hiking. My friends Laura Tedeschi at T2 Creative and Kyle and Mary Ann Dostaler at MAD Communications created this WordPress site for me and after much […]

John Muir said, “Everyone needs beauty as much as bread.”  We have just returned from a family vacation in the west visiting four national parks: The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, Waterton International Peace Park in Canada, and Glacier National Park.  We have always wanted to take our kids out to the west and experience the Big […]