Well the three Buff Orpingtons and our one Americana Hen have survived living on our small farm for three years. They are laying less and less, but we love them just the same. We're mostly ready for the cold weather. Wood is stacked, garden hoses are in, veggie garden is mulched, winter rye is up and the perennials are mostly cut back. We may even have strawberries in spring!

My daughters continue grow and change and inspire us every day. Sienna, a junior in high school is dancing, singing in the Hillsingers and a student leader in Student Council. This year's musical Grease, goes up in May. Talia is studying piano weekly and becoming quite an accomplished player at year three. She also takes gymnastics once a week and we have a museum of all her art projects in our living room. Homeschooling is going well this year with Talia at home for the first time!

Planting Seeds, my latest recording, has received numerous awards and wonderful reviews and makes a wonderful gift! "From boogie-woogie veggies (Dancin' in the Breeze) to bubbling maple syrup (Maple Sweet), the 19 environmentally-themed songs on Maria Sangiolo's fourth album are earnest, energetic and engagingly inventive. In these budget-strapped times, this nearly one-hour CD offers a first-rate bang (music) for your buck." Booklist "...style, grace and fun rarely found in children's or adult music." Parents Choice Gold Award "..this album has a loose and relaxed feel, like a well worn pair of jeans." Zooglobble, Stefan Shepard

Maria and Friends – Planting Seeds features many of my old friends from the indie label Signature Sounds: Jim Henry, Tracy Grammer, Peter Mulvey, Mark Erelli, Lori McKenna, Brooks Williams, Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem and wonderful children’s performers Sally Rogers, Lui Collins, SteveSongs and Alastair Moock. A portion of the proceeds will benefit NOFA, the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

Both of my daughters contributed to this new music recording for children and their families. Sienna and Talia both sang solos on Planting Seeds and joined the children’s chorus on several songs. Talia’s favorites are Purple Tree and Farmer’s Market A to Z, both featuring her big sister Sienna. Talia has a solo on Garden Slug. They are both such a joy to be with and are growing up way too fast!!!

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